Natalie G.

Rehabilitation Assistant/Front Desk

Natalie is a certified COTA and enjoys working beside her husband Dr. Andrew Goldbaugh. She earned her degree from Kent State University. 

She is the mother to their wonderful 2 daughters Emma and Nora Goldbaugh

Genna S.

Chief Operations Officer

Genna and Dr. Goldbaugh met while working together in Pittsburgh, PA. Genna has been with Dr. Goldbaugh since the opening of the practice in August 2016. Genna earned her Bachelors in Business and followed with a Masters in Business and Accounting. She has been in the Chiropractic field for 15 years and overall Medical field since 1992. 

Genna handles Operational and Compliance regulations, she also handles any billing, insurance or daily operational issues. If you have any questions please contact her at 304.905.9701.

Meagan R.

Front Desk